The design process is a period  that we conduct it with our customers. Our graphic design team will firstly prepare a approval visual for you in  digital media. This approval image gives you information about what the pre-press will look like.

The logos you share with us may not always be properly drawn or sufficient for printing as resolution. Our team will make these corrections for you.

Which Designing File Formats Are Accepted?

Our team works on all the designing  file formats.For the fastest orders AI,PDF,PSD,DOC,PPT and XLS files a re more suitable ,however, JPG, .GIF, .TIFF, .GIF, .BMP files are also edited by our team. Suitable drawing are made for the best visiual prints.


When pixelated on the product, even the perfect designs can look bad. On such an occasion, you cannot get the image you want. Our design team can overcomes these problems. After the designs get the clearest view, they are prepared for order.

Placing and Justification of the Design

The most accurate positioning of your design on the product is made by our design team. Your preliminary work is prepared by using  the most appropriate sizing and alignment. Every issue that you do not approve will be changed In this preliminary work we share with you.

Cleaning the Background of the Design You Install

When you upload your design to the designing your own product section on our website, a different background color may occur behind the image.. You don’t have to worry, this is a fixable situation that can be done by our design teams.

Logo Color Changes

If you do not want the colors in the logo you have uploaded to the design  and demand a change, our design team will make this change for you. No matter how many colors your logo has, our team will bring your logo to the colors you want.

Design Changes

After uploading  your design, if you want changes such as design, shape or text, these changes will be made by our teammates and presented to you as an approval image.

Print Color Selection

It is important to prefer contrasting colors to make the text on the product you choose more distinctive and noticeable. We can determine the most suitable color choices  during the  preliminary design work phase.

Converting Texts and Logos to  A Single Color

If you require your logos and texts with different color combinations to turn into a single, more cost-effective and attractive color, our design team will do this for you.

Full Color Design Printing on White Color Products

If you want to make your special days immortal, we make your full color prints on White color  t-shirts. Quality prints are applied on products without  any pixelation.

Full Color Printing on Dark Color Products

Our customers may  think that prints will not look good on dark colored products. As Tshirt Center Company, we can get  clear images on the products thanks to the latest technology machines and quality dyes.

Different Printing Positions

When you want to make printing other than certain standard points on the product, our printing team will help  you. We can also print on pocket tops, sleeves, sweat pants or hoodies.


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