For our company, Tshirt Center LLC, customer satisfaction is always a priority. Our pre-press design team prepares a preparatory work for you.

 Thanks to this preparatory work, you can get information about how it looks when your order is prepared. You can make all the changes you want during this the preliminary design phase.

Customers may also experience some problems such as differences between pre-design work and printing. You do not need  to be afraid of such a situation  at Tshirt Center LLC because the prints are made exactly the same as you approve. Pleasure of  our customers  comes first for us.

We always do the same diligent work for your standard orders or urgent orders.

For your questions  about  ordering and printing, you can reach us from our contact numbers 7 days a week.

Steps Are Applied to Make You Satisfied For Your New and Re-Orders

At the order stage, all processes of product selection, design creation, and approval are carried out. We serve you with an expert team. Thanks to our expert team, all order steps are implemented completely.

New orders

Our expert design team works for you with each new order. You share your design with us then we work for  the most suitable design size and all the changes  you want. Preparatory work continues till  you approve the design. After your favorite design is approved, your order is prepared for printing. Our print design team will make your print with the finest quality.


Without requiring design approval ,your re-orders are printed quickly. In our company, the order files of all our customers are kept. In this way, production  starts quickly.

Tracking Your Order During Manufacturing

You can get information about production at any time you want  after getting the design approval and starting manufacturing. Reliability is vital for us  and we provide you information at every stage of production in order not to betray your trust.


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